For manual roughing, finishing, chamfering and sharpening tasks, PFERD offers an extensive range of files and rasps, holders, handles and devices to help meet demands ranging from coarse to delicate work on workpieces made from a variety of materials.

Diamond and CBN tools

For working on super-hard materials, our range of diamond and CBN tools has the perfect solution for filing, grinding and cutting. Diamond and CBN tools are available with either an electroplated bond or resinoid bond. The range also has diamond cut-off wheels for the construction industry.

Cut-off wheels for stationary applications

The broad range of cut-off wheels for stationary applications has been specifically tailored towards cutting solid material, profiles, pipes, rails and laboratory samples, as well as for producing precision cuts. PFERD stationary cut-off wheels are suitable for use on steel, stainless steel (INOX), cast iron, stone, plastics, aluminium and other non-ferrous metals. The cut-off wheels are available in three grades of quality: our "Universal Line" introductory range, our "Performance Line" with its high-performance tools, and our "Special Line" for very specific applications and ultimate economic efficiency. On request, we can produce stationary cut-off wheels in premium PFERD quality up to a diameter of 2,000 mm, tailor-made to meet the requirements of your job.

Industrial power brushes

The PFERD product range comprises brushes for manual application, machine-based application and stationary application. They have different filament materials, which are optimally designed for the requirements of the respective material and the desired brushing effect. PFERD always has the right tool for any use, any application problem and any material. The range of PFERD brushes is of a very high standard of quality and safety, which is constantly monitored and further developed in our own laboratories.

PFERD's innovative products

PFERD offers the combination of quality tools, drives and individual advice that you need for the optimum solution to your surface finishing and material cutting tasks.

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